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The staff is here to actively practice core values of service, integrity, and craftsmanship with humor, compassion and consistency.

Desh Anderson, Orthotist

Desh is the owner of Sawtooth Orthotics and Prosthetics. She is the principle orthotic clinical practitioner. Her other duties include overseeing business management, as well as setting the cultural tone of Sawtooth O&P.

Desh received her undergraduate degree from Bethel University in 1978 in Biology as well as psychology. From there she graduated in 1980 from the Northwestern Medical School Orthotics and Prosthetics program with a post graduate degree in clinical orthotics. Her residency was in pediatrics at Gillette Children’s Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota and in spinal orthotic management at Fairview Hospital’s Twin Cities Scoliosis Center.

Desh has practiced clinically at Fairview O&P Laboratories in St. Paul Minnesota, where she specialized in biomechanics of gait as it relates to lower extremity bracing, and custom fabricated complex spinal bracing systems. She then was employed at Wright and Filippis in Detroit, Michigan, where experience was gained in polio management, the Boston Scoliosis system, and orthotic trauma intervention. From there she worked at the University of Michigan Medical Center O&P division where administrative management duties melded with clinical as she navigated a two year stint as Interim director of the Orthotics & Prosthetics Program.

Finally Desh was brought on as co-owner of Sawtooth O&P in 1989, where she gained more skill in fabricating custom orthotics devices for the entire body.

She enjoys fly fishing, reading, travel, volleyball, and spicy food. She is married to Dave Anderson, M.D. and they have two college age children.


Amy Kurisu, Orthotist

Amy has many years of experience since graduating from California State University-Dominguez with a B.S. in Health Science, Orthotics, & Prosthetics. Amy evaluates, casts, fits, & delivers orthosis from head (Cranial Molding Helmets) to Toe (AFOs, KAFOs, etc.).

Amy has been married to her wonderful husband for almost 25 years. She is the very proud mother of two gorgeous daughters. Amy enjoys outdoor activities such as boating, snowmobiling, & hiking. She truly loves helping people. Amy’s passion is helping children to run, jump, play, and enjoy being a child.


Mike Nielson, C.O.

Mike is an ABC Certified Orthotist at Sawtooth O&P. Mike received his Bachelors degree from Boise State University and his diploma for Orthotic Practitioner from Century College in White Bear Lake Minnesota.

Although Mike enjoys all aspects of orthotics, his passion is working with patients who’ve experienced traumatic brain injuries, cerebral palsy, or strokes.

Mike has been married for 20 years, enjoys elk hunting, photography, Boise State Football, and the occasional episode of NCIS.


Mark Fladung, C.P.

Mark is an American Board Certified Prosthetist with 27 years of experience in the O&P field. Mark received his Orthotic and Prosthetic training from Northeast Technical Institute in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. He began his career at Northwestern Artificial Limb & Brace/Tec Interface Systems in St. Cloud, MN. There he had the opportunity to help develop the first prosthetic gel liner, first Total Surface Weight Bearing BK sockets, and Vacuum Assisted Socket Systems. Although his years of experience in product development and custom fabrication come in handy around our custom lab, his true passion is the relationship built with his patients through unmatched patient care.

Mark has been married 21 years; they are very proud of their three grown children along with two grandchildren. Mark enjoys hunting, fishing, being in the woods, and spending time with family and friends.


Gilda Roberts

As Practice Manager, Gilda works closely with the owner, Desh, developing business strategies, formulating budgets and dealing with daily operations. She makes sure the practice is running smoothly and successfully while also working to expand the business. Her primary duty as Practice Manager is to plan, coordinate, direct and supervise all business aspects and operation of our medical facility, including; billing and collections, design patient services and implement work policies for the facility.

Gilda joined the Sawtooth O&P team in 2009 with 20+ years of experience in medical practice management. She has three children and five grandchildren. She has two dachshunds that hang out in her office named Bachi and Reagan.


Office Staff:

Sawtooth OP Office Staff

Front left to right: Norma Herrera and Shawna Moulder
Back left to right: Bonnie Lutz, Milly Ramirez, and Faryl Tennyson


Norma Herrera

Norma is one of the first people you see when walking into Sawtooth O&P, as one of our two scheduler/medical receptionist. She does the scheduling for Amy, Dominic & the Lab. Norma prepares patient charts for appointments, evaluations, adjustments and delivery of products. She is also responsible for collecting and generating necessary paperwork from patients and physicians. Norma’s Bi-Lingual abilities are an asset when answering incoming phone calls or assisting with paperwork for our Spanish speaking patients.

Norma has 3 sisters. She loves spending time with her family and friends. She has recently become engaged. Norma’s hobbies are shopping, dancing, eating out and traveling. She would love to visit Paris.


Bonnie Lutz

Bonnie has been an essential part of Sawtooth since 2010. Bonnie duties include, posting charges, billing insurance companies and patients and pre-authorizing of services.

She enjoys fresh food from her garden, fishing and spending time with her 9 grandchildren and one day hopes to see Africa, as well as many other countries around the world.


Milly Ramirez

Milly has recently been promoted to Revenue Cycle Administration Assistant at Sawtooth O&P. Milly provides assistance where it is needed. One of the most important parts of her job is communication with our patients with any follow up needs that the patient may have. Milly also helps with other needs in the office like setting up new patient charts for appointments, evaluations, adjustments and delivery of products. She is also responsible for collecting and generating necessary paperwork from patients and physicians. Milly’s Bi-Lingual abilities are an asset when answering incoming phone calls or assisting with paperwork for our Spanish speaking patients.

Milly has 1 daughter & 2 sons which have blessed her with 8 grandchildren. She is a part owner of a dairy cow by the name of Fufa. Milly enjoys singing and playing the keyboard. She is a proud member of the band R-1:16 which fulfills her love of music & travelling.


Faryl Tennyson

Faryl has recently been promoted to Revenue Cycle Assistant Manager and Assistant to the Practice Manager.

Faryl has 20+ years of billing & collections experience. Her background in Medicare & Appeals makes her an essential part of our team. She has worked in such fields as psychiatry, hospital, pediatric therapy, and nursing facilities. She has embraced the orthotic and prosthetic field with great enthusiasm & success.

When she is not working hard being an essential part of our team, she enjoys her 3 cats, hiking, movies, and hanging out with her friends.


Lab Staff:

Back row: Dominic Nunez, Victor Jimenez, Alec Marx
Front row: Milt Reynolds, Mike Jones


Dominic Nunez

Dominic offers his services at Sawtooth as a certified orthotic assistant. His job is to not only build custom orthotics, but to assist the orthotists in their ventures as well.

Dominic is happily married with four sons and one daughter. His hobbies include skiing in the winter, hiking and backpacking in the summer. He also volunteers with Recreation Unlimited, a local organization that teaches adaptive skiing.


Victor Jimenez

Victor Jimenez joined our team of lab technicians in 2015. He graduated in 2014 from Boise State University with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. He continues to make art with a specific interest in drawing & painting.

Victor is an avid bicycle enthusiast and loves riding all year long. The rest of his free time is spent entertaining Ari, his handsome black lab.


Alec Marx

Alec Marx joined our team of lab technicians in 2015. He completed his undergraduate degree from Portland State University in 2015 with a Bachelor’s in Health Science, and plans on attending Medical school in the next year.

Alec enjoys skiing, tennis playing music, and playing with his big orange tabby cat, Jacks.


Milt Reynolds

Milt Reynolds joined our team of lab technicians in 2015. After graduating from Eastern Oregon University in 1980 with a BA degree in Education, Milt was a classroom teacher for ten years, then a woodworker for six years. He returned to education on 1996, teaching Adult English and Building Construction classes at Snake River Correctional Institute. In 2007 Milt became an Air Monitoring Technician with Southwest Research Institute, helping destroy one of our nation's largest stockpile of chemical weapons at the Umatilla Army Depot near Hermiston, Oregon.

Milt also served as a volunteer firefighter for 26 years, with the varied duties of Captain, Training Officer, Emergency Medical Technician, and Haz Mat Technician.

Milt's hobbies include geocaching, website design and programming, archery, knots, and guitar. He and his wife married in 1981, and they have three children, one grandchild, and one spoiled cat, Sammy.


Mike Jones

Mike has worked at Sawtooth O&P as a Lab Technician since 2012. He is part of a team that fabricates custom orthotics and prosthetics. Along with custom fabrication Mile handles ordering, shipping and receiving.

Whether it is a nice Italian dinner, a trip to the Oregon coast or just staying at home, Mike’s favorite activity is spending time with his fiancée..





Bachi is one of Sawtooth’s smallest mascots. He is vital to office moral, happiness, and raising the overall furry ratio. Bachi is the go to staff member for cuddles and unconditional love.

Patients and staff alike benefit from his integral presence. Bachi enjoys an occasional treat of “Cheetos”. His hobbies include snuggling up in his favorite blanket, having his belly rubbed, and whining when his mommy Gilda is out of office.





Reagan is the newest addition to Sawtooth’s mascots. Her tremendously important job duty is paper shredding. Reagan is more than happy to shower kisses on whomever is in Gilda’s office. Her signature Marilyn Monroe blond hair is a badge of honor for those brave enough to pick her up. She enjoys pestering her unrequited love, Cody, whenever she has the chance, and getting affectionate belly rubs.





Cody is Sawtooth’s largest mascot, weighing in at 120 pounds. He is a quiet but stately presence in Desh’s office, only venturing from its safe confines when he hears Desh’s voice. Cody can be found as the quiet leader of Sawtooth’s weekly staff meeting, taking seriously the elimination of any stray treat handed to him or the loving pets that come his way as he brushes by.

Staff at Sawtooth benefit as much from Cody’s presence, as Cody does from theirs. While all staff members are aware that, if the office light is on Cody is here; patients are only aware of his existence in our facility when introduced to him by Desh.